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Making the same old Black Jack better

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Hi everyone Black jack has always been one of my favorite games but it seems its not as popular here as i think it could be. I have a few suggestions that i think would make it more interesting to everyone. please let me know what you think of them. This first one is called a Buster Bet it is a additional bet played to the side of the main bet with this bet you can win a lot more than 2 to 1 or 3 to 2. this bet only wins if the dealer bust 4 or more cards and is not effected by weather the main bet wins or looses the more cards the dealer bust with the higher the pay out goes. this is a example pay out table below.


                  number of cards  Dealer bust with                                                     payout

                                    4 card bust                                                                                 3 to 1

                                   5 card bust                                                                                10 to 1

                                   6 card bust                                                                                20 to 1  

                                   7 card bust                                                                              100 to 1

So for example the player has a hand totaling 22 busted but the dealer also bust using  4 cards the original bet is still lost but the buster bet placed  to the side still wins 3 to 1 or even more depending on the amount of cards the dealer bust with. You can win a huge multiplier on a  bet placed on a hand of black jack this way. I feel it makes the game much more exciting and appealing than just a 2 to 1 payout what do you guys think.


The next one is called no bust Black Jack it simple if the player bust but the dealer bust higher the hand is a push. Example the players hand totals 23 the dealers hand totals 24  its a push. Well guys  and gals please let me know and stake admin know how much either of these might boost your interest in black jack here at stake. thanks for reading if you need me to explain more just ask.

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@Dan the pay tables are just an example not necessarily what they would be. Think about it how many times dose the dealer bust with more than 3 cards its not that often. One thing about the bet i did leave out is that the buster bet would not be allowed to be larger than the main bet. this would limit people from making small bets just to try for the higher payout with a larger bet.

@Drygba2 nothing changes about Original game this is a  placed on the side the main hand is still played just as it always was.

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