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How does Affiliate program work on the forum?


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7 minutes ago, smalljenny088 said:

Well. it depends on affiliate program. Each affiliate program has different conditions. For examplem I'm using this one https://adsmain.com/ - and for me it is one of the best

He's talking about this forum's affiliate program.

8 hours ago, Lexus19 said:

How does Affiliate  program work on the forum ?  My  ref withdrew from the forum 94k and I received no commission . How it work ?  Where is the commission to be charged here or on the stake and what percentage of commission ?

As of now, there's nothing with it, I guess it was only used in the referring requirement of the forum booster. But maybe something will be added soon.

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Friends generally the situation is such that there is no referral program on the forum, it is there but it is not work .

response from support  - 

If we succeed in finding a way to prevent the abusing of the forum referral system, then maybe the forum affiliate commission will be introduced.

Until then, it will stay the way it is.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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