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How to super quickly get chat privileges if you have 100k sats in your balance

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Today I streamed which was cool, but I didn't have chat privileges. I was in the fortunate position of having 100,000 sats at the end of the stream and wanted to get chat as easily as possible. 

Then I realised, if i divided 100,000/37 , and backed every number on roulette, i would guarantee chat privileges with minimal risk (you just lose 2703) as you back 37 numbers, and the payout is 36. 


Just make sure you back every single number, including zero!!!! You don't want to make a costly mistake :)

Double check it and then hit spin. It was still nerve racking seeing my balance fly down, but all is good, when you get your 36 payout, and you then have chat privileges!

A small price to pay for chat in such a cool community :D

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