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Well I suggest yo to play  LOL cause its fun ..  Well if you're going to ask me which harder between LoL and DOTA .. for me DOTA hehe ..cause I tried to play that but not able to master basic champs.. maybe the graphics ... :)

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Well, I been playing in EUW for a couple years, been gold 1 most all the time (even playing with around 300 ping as I am Brazilian) but the last season as I was living in Portugal I couldn't reach gold again, missed my huge ping and felt weird playing xD  and now that I am back to Brazil and changed my internet providor it became impossible to me to keep playing in EUW, my eternal house :x:( so I am playing in BR server for now.. don't really like to play here but sadly there's nothing I can do about..

My favorite champ will always be Janna, Sona, Morgana and Leona.. I enjoy playing Blitz, Braum, Velkoz, Brand and Teemo, of course :P  Like also some adc's, such as Jinx, Cait, Sivir, MF, but I am much more for the Supports :x:x:x 



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1 hour ago, brunorock23 said:

I am main adc and I am currently a silver scrub cause no time to play :D


add me on EUW:  Kurai Hikari

LOL you down to silver??? shame on you xD

And I was thinking about ask you to get my season unranked account to Gold at least for the free skin xD as I can't play EUW anymore :( 

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On 9/22/2017 at 10:45 PM, Kargai said:

I played for some times, mostly with Ziggs.

But was just playing for fun, never do a ranked game (or just a few). Liked when it was Poro King time, meybe i'll DL the game again ;)

I Iove ziggs too cause he is like bomber man , but when it comes to mage my no.1 favorite mage is xerath :)

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