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20k bet for 24 mines!

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I tried to played with 24 mines, so the first thing I do is to start with small bets or sometimes just no bets and just clicking and checking positions of where the diamond is. Then I increase my high bets if I am in a sureness where the diamond is.

This pic is my highest bet at for 24 mines. ???

I won several times in an hour or 2???


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5 minutes ago, Hrottie said:

Xtine, how many times  you had to repeat your bet to hit this finally? I wonder how many reds did you see before that one glory green :D

This one got me 6times, but as I have said. Start with small bets or else u might end up still not earning a profit?

11 minutes ago, Grifter said:

i witness recently xtine, congrats ^_^

Thank grifter ??

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