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Anyone excited to play poker on stake?

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I believe stake will have a poker game, but we still don’t know when. Everyone seems to like poker. So before stake will release that, I will have to practice it now. 😂


I downloaded  an offline poker game. Let’s see. 😃xD


Anyone tried this one? ☝🏼 Hope we see poker and wheels soon,right?

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2 minutes ago, xtinepink said:

I actually downloaded WOP when I was curious about poker. Enjoyed it a lot too.  So I am really hoping stake’s poker soonest. 

There's a lot of helpful resources out there so yes learning how to play it is a piece of cake. Goodluck sis!

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I think the best format would be various starting blind levels/buy in amounts of sit & go tournament style poker. I used to play the smaller buy in tourneys around town but all the casinos have adopted this horrible practice of 'unlimited rebuys' for the first hour. Seriously, not one casino offers a tourney without this option (maybe the expensive ones do, I dunno)

So that's it - I suggest single table sit & go tournament style games with the 'host' choosing any options (buy in amount, starting chips, starting blinds and round times)

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