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Low total Supply and Demandability

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As years pass by since bitcoin is released, there follows the altcoins as means to rival bitcoin's capability or other countries cannot accept bitcoin alone so they made their own ico coin also. As almost a million of coins being produced already since then; seems like the top gainers coins in price in Coinmarketcap always stays the same. And they are those that have the low total supply only. As Ive read mostly in the web regarding supply and demand, the coin at least should have the maximum of million supply at least. Since the very first problem of a certain dev and a team of a coin after launching is the demand of the coin, the trick for mass adoption. So in my own opinion, its must favorable for the coin to have a limited supply only like bitcoin and other coin compared to have a billion supply yet very few hodlers right?

In case of ripple, it may have the demand power but still its supply keep on pulling it since it goes back down after just hitting $3 . I dont know yet on future maybe the devs have other plan for it or its just the big whales selling right away after just a small pricehike. Well its just my own opinion.

Let me know what's on your mind? :) 

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