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Hello fellow affiliates,

There are a few opportunities out there for those who speak different languages. There are post in different forums that you can do where we weren't able to be yet because of language barriers. I'm sure there are even more but I recommend you to promote our brand in forums like:

  • German: Coinforum.de
  • Indonesian: Forum Bitcoin Indonesia
  • Japanese: Cryptopark forums
  • Chinese: 8BTC Forum and  Forum Bitcoin Taiwan

I'm sure there are even more in different languages that you can exploit and obtain a decent profit from your referrals.

Good luck

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On 10/4/2017 at 7:38 AM, Han2x said:

We love to have you here. We all be your tourist guide here. 

i have my business here also known as peeps travel and tours...

if you come here in the philippines i can accomodate you directly.... 

Edited by Grifter

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6 minutes ago, Brais said:

hahahaha thanks guys. Lucky me xD

I still looking for destination for my next vacation so who knows ;)

ok but if you still want to go here in the philippines just let me know ok? ^_^ 

you know, Its more fun in the philippines ^_^ 

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On 10/22/2017 at 4:18 PM, xxx2036xxx said:

why not all referrals are counted, I have active 40 of the 150, I thought these people simply did not register, but decided to check - got a friend to register on my link and .....in the statistics allowed only a transition, why ? it turns out over 70% are not counted?

Your affiliates are not counted in if they have accessed your campaign from the same IP as yours, and/or if they do not deposit and play, merely clicking the link doesn't bring you profit from them :) 

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