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Beat my almost win... 😑•🔫

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Okay jokes over stake, its not funny anymore! (Maybe it is a little bit)

I almost just gave up gambling in 0.25 seconds, but then I remember who I was and went bigger(and lost bigger) 

Anyways at least nothing i do will ever top this in BS luck... "Bites tongue"

If you're not first your last

#rickybobby #shakeNbake #hashtags #lawlz


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1 hour ago, cracked said:

this is true...sometimes...when i play mines..and think this will be the last click and will be cashing out...that will be the time that bomb will be hit...then im like...wtf!!!

You can almost count on it. Its crazy sometimes. Maybe its our faults? A manifestation from negative thoughts I believe.

This is prolly why I dio my best when I'm hammered, sober minds give off way too many conflicting vibrations, at least the mind of an overthinker :P

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