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Biggest Twitch Donations

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What will be your reaction if someone donated f*ck*ng $1,000,000 while you are just sitting at your house staring at the monitor of your computer, clicking the mouse? EZ money while streaming! Check out the priceless reactions of these streamers! EZ MONEY!!!






Oh well, congratulations to them and God bless to the donators. Hats off to all streamers! :)

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18 minutes ago, ravenyvolle2 said:

Is it real of they just talked to someone they knew and staged or faked it for views:P 

It seem like everything online nowadays are mostly fakes to gain more views.

Yup, I completely agree with you Raven! mostly these video made for their online marketing  :P

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6 hours ago, ravenyvolle2 said:

hehe yeah people nowadays do literally everything for views and to get their "15 mins of fame":P 

lol its just weird :P

8 hours ago, eldrindcm said:

Yeah, some seems to be scripted, but I think some are real. But still, the reactions are my focus :D

Yup, thats the fun part of the video :)

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