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Simplest guide to setup your MasterNode

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I'm not a dev guy or a tech guy at all, so until now I kind of understaood the interest to hold a masternode for coins but couldn't even grasp a little bit of the tech or the work involve in it.

Just because i'm usually a curious guy who like to read about everything I take a look at this tutorial : https://medium.com/@Panama_TJ/simplest-guide-to-setup-your-masternode-250a87349e42

What bring me there first is the fact that the author claimed directly that he's not a coder or something, that like me ^^

And if i'm honest I now start to understand how the all thing work, maybe not enough to be able to run a masternode myself but close enough. And maybe one day (when i'll have more time) I could even try to run one myself. I don't know, just maybe ;)

But at least I learn a little, and it will probably be the case for you too in case you are interested in the subject so I share the link with all of you.


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