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My high payouts on "Mines" game (not all)

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Hi! there's nothing to do faris every time I see your performance it cuts me in half! I see over 1 year your still earn a lot of money thanks to this! you had a lot of money by chasing multipliers like this?? I see these days I'm hunting the big one and it's pretty expensive after all, less than what it would bring me but if you make bitcoin it goes up fast!! but if you get the whole thing you're good!! in all this if I don't think it's just luck I think he spends a lot of time on it and aa force we can see that some figure comes out more than others so if you make a mix of all this you can make your pot!!
Good luck to all!!!

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Faris you are the best mines player i have seen on my gambling history.Congrats i like how u play your multipliers are very big!.

Can i ask you after how many rolls did you get this payots?!

Cg again.Gl everyone

PS: Biggest multiplier on mines is 233x with 100sats by completing challenge i got that I was so lucky after 5 rolls got it!

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Faris, so many people wish they could master the Mines of Stake as you do.  Your hits are mind blowing.  Kudos to you for being a Mines Master. good luck my friend.

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