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Bet Verification (Provably Fair)

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Good day everyone!  :) 

Stake is the most fair and transparent online casino in the universe. Founded by a group of industry veterans with the goal of freeing players from deceptive & shady traditional online casino practices. We vow to provide the first truly fair online gambling experience.

In this thread, you will be given a detailed explanation of how to verify your bets using our verification system, but also using an open-source third-party verification.


How to verify your bets using Stake verification:

1. Click on "Provably Fair"


2. Click on "Change Seeds"


3. Click on "Rotate Server Seed"


4. Click on "Fairness" of a bet you wish to verify


5. Click on "Open Verification Info"


6.  Click on "View fairness for current bet"


This will lead you to the Fairness tab where you will be able to see and read the bytes of the bet you are verifying (https://stake.com/fairness/overview ) 

For a Mines game, you will read the verification like this: 


For Plinko, the bytes represent the path the ball takes: 0 being "left" and 1 being "right".


The other games (Hilo, Dice, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Chartbet, Diamond Poker, Keno) have a very straightforward bytes reading: 




Open-Source third-party verification:

The direct link to the verifier: https://rgbkey.github.io/stake-verifier/#/

Follow the above first 5 steps> copy and paste the data into the designated fields (be careful not to mix Server Seed ad Server Seed hashed!!!)> fill in the additional fields (if given).


As an example, let's take a Mines game:



I sincerely hope this was helpful. :)


Should you have any additional questions or doubts, feel free to comment on this thread.


Have a lovely day everyone! :) 

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18 hours ago, keemar said:

Even you explain all about that provably fair i dont know what do you mean xD i am to stupid to read that. But i believe this site is legit :D Goodluck everyone! :)

If you want to learn how to do it, just follow the tutorial and give it a try. ;) If you get stuck somewhere and need some assistance, just pm me and I will try to assist you. :) 

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yeah very good info @Katarina , maybe seuntjie can put this link into hes bot, maybe something like !provablyfair or else :D

here the article about provably fair more detail and very long explanation xD


Edited by madcoin | add link about same topic with more detail

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Thanks for the contribution Katarina very helpful for people who have doubts or feels fishy things of the bets done 

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hello @Katarina i get point here from create this topic :D 

so my question is: how do i use the verification results to compared the ball path? does the 8 pin only use the first 8 direction (the left, right, left ,right, etc.)? and the max results is 16 pin, while the results have 20 direction. or does it use all 20 direction on any pin choice?

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