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What is your highest in keno?

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Personally Keno is my favorite game I think the highest ive hit was 6/8 which is 22X has anyone on here hit all numbers going from 5+ picks? Highest max hit that I got was 4/4 which I've hit quite a few times 10/10 would be amazing but I believe will never be achieved in our life time....... Lol

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3 minutes ago, Furlicious said:

Thanm Thank you very much. . ;) but i have tipped out all of it.. lol .. but still im happy bcos i have made u guys happy too.:D

you are so kind sis. :) best of luck. Keep doing on Ke no and hit 10 number xD go go

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i finally hit 50x in keno!!                                                                                                                                                                                          
i think it is 8/10 numbers, i was so surprised!!  it blew my mind, it was a few days ago i think 500 sat  bet

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