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The Chatbot Rollhunt game explained

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The ChatBot rollhunt game is a hunt to hit a specific number in the Dice game (can be both Original or Sphere Dice).



  • If somebody hits the exact number that is requested, the game ends immediately and that person gets the prize.
  • If nobody hits the exact number after 8 minutes, the winner is the participant that hit the number that's the closest to the requested one.
  • Minimum bet amount is 100 satoshis.
  • Prize for the winner of the game is 0.0001 BTC.
  • You can use any multiplier that you want (but win chance must be less than 90%), and only winning bets are eligible. 
  • To submit a bet, you must send it to ChatBot = /pm chatbot betid.
  • When does this game start? This roll hunt game is started manually by Mods or Support.

You must pay attention when the game starts, because it is the time when the number to hunt is revealed.

Some of the numbers that are usually the ones you should hunt are 88.88, 12.34 or 00.00.



Now hunt with ETH, LTC, BCH and DOGE has been added too !!

So pay attention at the start of the game to notice if it is a hunt in BTC or in other coin.

The rules for the ETH roll hunt are the same, but the minbet is 0.00001 ETH and the prize is 0.001 ETH.

The rules for the LTC roll hunt are the same, but the minbet is 0.00001 LTC and the prize is 0.001 LTC.

The rules for the BCH roll hunt are the same, but the minbet is 0.00001 BCH and the prize is 0.001 BCH.

The rules for the DOGE roll hunt are the same, but the minbet is 1.5 DOGE and the prize is 150 DOGE.


The last 10 winners of the Chatbot Rollhunt can not join again the hunt (if you try, you will get a message anyway).



Thanks a lot to @Irena for correcting this !!!


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