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📢 Easter egg hidden secret + Reward

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Easter egg hidden secret + Reward


We have added a secret little Easter egg into the website for users to try and undercover. Over the course of the next four weeks we will be releasing four clues here on the forums. These clues will be solvable in game, allowing you to unlock the secret to the hidden theme!

The first player to successfully solve the clues and reveal the hidden Easter egg, will receive 0.01 BTC! Happy hunting :) 

First clue:


Today we added something quiet new,
an Easter egg can be revealed by this clue!
Night mode is black and day mode is blue,
but a different mode exists, can you find it too?


Feel free to post discussion and suggestions on this topic of what the rhyme might mean and perhaps ideas to reveal the hidden mode.


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This is cool. You are right @denildanbro. But I think what @Dan mean for mode is a new Mode/Theme. It can be a hot mode, where all are color red.


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Nope, nobody is even close at this point. Its not an avatar or small graphical change. Its something you can reveal by doing certain things. (No its not an achievement)

We have decided to raise the reward to 0.01 BTC and might increase it each week until someone discovers it!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.