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Normally, I would fully support anyones plan to be an anything. Poker, not so much. If you want to play poker, just for fun, knock yourself out. But if you have any aspiration to be a Professional Poker Player, or play on a level above fun, I hope you know far more than the tips I am going to share. If you don't, you should find this helpful. If you already know everything, don't waste your time, you already know everything.

So you know, my grandpa taught me 5 card draw when I was 5. He is 94 now, we have never talked about poker since the day he showed me what beat what, and we played our cards.

In 1998, I watched the World Series of Poker Main event on ESPN. Stu Unger, the greatest player that ever lived, won, of course. And it occurred to me there was a way to make a living playing cards. Which is great. I love games, especially poker, no better way to make money. 

No Limit Texas Holdem is different from 5 Card Draw, as we all know. From the age of 12, I learned everything I could about poker. I read Super System and Super System II, written by Doyle Brunson, and The Real Deal, by Phil Gordon, and many others. I recommend these 2, Super System is technical, The Real Deal is an easy read. 

I have played in more poker tournaments than anyone I know. I have played cash games, home games, no limit, limit, Omaha, stud, pretty much everything but pineapple and strip. Anytime anyone ever suggests strip poker, before I about face, I tell them I hope they wore shoes and socks. If they only knew.

When I was 21, I was working as a Pest Control Technician, killing bees, rats, and cleaning crawlspaces. After a year of working 15 hours a day, 7 lovely days a week, (by choice) the owner of the company and I started dating and I didn't want to work for someone I was dating. But he didn't work either, so I needed something really really flexible, something I could do on our trips to Vegas, lol. I decided I would be a Professional Poker Player. My mom thought it was a perfect idea, so did my older brother, whom I taught to play Texas Holdem, and I made my plan for success.

The title Professional Poker Player is really defined by the ability to make enough money to at least feed yourself. So, by my definition, I can say I was. I had $20,000 cash and I decided I would buy in to the local $4/$8 game, $100.00 a day. If I got up $100.00, I would keep playing until I got back down to $100.00. If I lost, then I was out $100.00 and I would start the next day like nothing happened. Enough to feed myself. Little did I know. I will tell you how my plan ended up working. But you'll have to read all of my posts.

I will preface this by saying I am aware that the last thing you want to do is tell anyone your poker secrets, as you may sit across from them one day. This is sound advice, but we'll just throw that to the wind. Heres what you need to know:

To quote Matt Damon in rounders, "If you can't spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker." Suckers in poker are known as Fish. I have been a fish, I didn't know it when I was. I can now spot the fish in 5 minutes or less, and I've never left a table because I knew I was. Weellllllll, maybe once. I knew I was way out of my league, I probably wasn't, but I felt like I was... If you are the fish and you know it, for sure, don't fight it, just leave. And if you stay, pay very close attention to how it goes, cuz you are probably going to pay for that learning experience, and you might as well get your moneys worth.

Soooo, don't be the fish. One other thing, two other things, if you can't know the nuts in 5 seconds or less, don't bother playing for anything less than fun. And most important, anyone can play any 2 cards, but slightly better than that, Doyle says in Super System, loosely quoted, don't play the cards, play the man. He doesn't even need to look at his cards. I look at mine, so I know where I am, but I could just as easily play without looking, I should really give that a try sometime. If you play your cards, only, you can only win if your cards are good enough. And thats not good enough to win over the long run. Being able to play, and win, without knowing what you have, that is the player you want to be.  

All of the posts that follow this will be copied and pasted from my Facebook convos I had with my best friend in the world, edge777. He asked me to help his game. I sent him my poker tips as you will see them. I might edit them slightly, as I wrote them in bed, and was not concerned with grammar and things of that nature. The content will stay the same, and thats all that really matters. At the time, I sent them to 77kdub, my bffnee, I can find her exact quote, but I didn't send her all of them. She wasn't ready. Edgyie has come a long way. He is a natural with a solid table presence and has played well since our first game. He almost always wins. 

Thats probably enough to get started with. I'll post these every other day or so, I imagine there will be about 10.

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I love this whole story telling. This beautiful @badgeris and adventurer. Her life is pretty amazing with lots of wonderful moments. I will follow your story hot girl. 

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Fantastic introduction Badgie :D

I cannot wait to learn more poker from you hehe

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amazing post badgie! im sure this will help loads of people and i think we might just have to sit down at a table together and play heads up one of these days

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