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Im not posting these in any particular order, but thought id get 1 out. I feel kinda naked throwing my game out here... That said, I'll start with raising


If you are going play, you might as well raise. And if you are going to raise, always raise 3 times the big blind. There is a reason you are raising, you want fewer people in the hand. Or you want more people in the hand. If you want more people in the hand, by all means, raise the minimum, twice the big blind. If you are trying to build the pot and you have a marginal or sub par starting hand, twice the big blind is the bet you want to make to give everyone odds to call. When a decent poker player has odds to call, they will every time. They know they are getting odds. The other reason to raise, to get people out of the pot. Why? Because you have a good starting hand like pocket 10s or better, and you know the fewer players in the pot, the better chance your hand will hold up. The other beautiful thing about raising 3 times the big blind to get people out of the pot, when you do have a caller, that doesn't have pot odds, you know he has a good hand. (Like A-10 or better) If there are two other people in the pot, chances are the 2nd or 3rd player called only because they had odds. Erick tried to tell me I was playing "bad" the other day because I called a hand with 6-3 of hearts. He knew I was in the small blind and still said it was bad play. I then told him I was getting 7 to 1 on my money. He said, "ok, maybe it's ok, but you're just playing any two cards like everybody else." I could have slapped him. But I didn't. And I didn't tell him what I am about to tell you. Why? Because I may sit across from him at a table someday. And why do I tell you this and not him? I want you to be better than anybody at any table all day, everyday. Erick thinks he's just as good or better than anyone at a table any given time. He is also the guy scratching his head trying to figure out why he lost with pocket 7s when there's three over cards, four flush cards and three straight cards on the board. And we want to keep him just like that. (I won't mention, he is also the guy counting on his fingers usually below, but I wouldn't be shocked if sometimes above, the table to see if he has all 5 straight cards *rolls eyes*) Never point out the obvious to people, or even worse, say anything that makes someone feel stupid or clues them in to what they were missing. Good players, you will neither enlighten them to what they don't know, because they most (highly) likely, already know. And you won't make them feel bad or stupid, their days of being stupid and the tail between the legs are over. Bad players need to stay bad players. And yes, the bad players will irritate you to no end, especially in free rolls and low limit games. Good players know where the bad players play and why they are playing there and prefer the comfort of knowing if you're gonna get beat, please for the love of God at least let it be by someone that had pot odds, called because they knew they had odds, and by God, they knew what they were doing when they called your all in. That counts for a lot. But while we are still playing against the bad players, just let them stay that way. They might crack you but they will always lose in the long run. And that is your focus as a poker player. The long run. Forget a hand or game. Anyone can beat anyone in a single hand or a single game. Knowing pot odds, playing position, effectively gauging if someone is weak or if they just want you to think they are weak, this is how you win in the long run. Back to my point. 3 times the big blind disguises the strength of your hand. Remember, the amount of a raise is indicative of the hand strength, smaller raises indicate a weaker hand. Poker players know this, it's a natural tell. Nobody looks for it, they just equate a hands possible strength with an amount raised. Being consistent with your raise increments ensures you don't accidentally give anything away. If someone calls, and you've deduced they are a decent player that knows what's going on, you can put them on a good hand and go from there. I can tell you more about how to know what people have before the flop and how you know for sure what they have after the flop. Again, all of my "poker tips" are prefaced with, when playing against a decent player. The button that says 3xbb, make that your new best poker friend. Like I've said, "if you’re gonna play, might as well raise." 

... Should I keep these in the same thread? Or make a new post every time?

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