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I guess the saying's true. In the poker game of life, women are the rake. They are the fucking rake - Edward Norton, Rounders


Poker tip #1: you can't beat the rake... Wait, Poker tip #2: If you play in a cash game, do not play 3-6 4-8. Play 5-10. Or even better? Play in a spread game. Why? Spread games are awesome, and 3-6 has new players and uneducated poker players at them. And these are danger. 5-10 isn't a whole lot better but it is enough better to make it playable. But, back to tip #1, you can't beat the rake. The rake is money that comes out of every pot as the house take. It's usually about 4% but casinos can decide how much the house take is. So in theory, if 9 players buy in for one hundred dollars each, after five thousand hands, the money would all go to the house. Most casinos with decent sized poker rooms have enough people coming and going to make the rake relatively unnoticeable. But if your smart, find a 3-5 or 2-12 spread game. And if you don't know what a spread game is, let me know. I'll tell you about the beautiful, magical, most awesomely perfect game ever made. I have time. Anyway, spread games are subject to the rake too, of course, but when you can win a pot that has 1200 dollars in it and walk away, 4% isn't as painful as winning a $38 pot and having $3 taken. Different stakes, same rake, the spread is just a better game... Making the rake "feel" better. It's always there. It always sucks. Ok. That was just advices for cash games. The next tippymoo will be poker strategerie. And edgyie (and dubly) if you've never see the Bush "strategerie" video on you tube, it's worth your time. Okie dokie, ttyl

May 20, 2016

*Spread Games, Grrrraawwww

Spread Games are a cash game, 1 table, fixed blinds, nothing special. Except when you play at say a 3-5 spread, you will put in the blinds respectively, and where you are stuck with max raises or pot limits in 3-6 or any limit game, in spread games, you can go all in. Its like a No Limit tournament, without being committed to winning by placing or getting cracked. So, without going into my next post, spread games have the greatest poker betting structure you will ever find. They aren't legal everywhere, but fortunately for me, I can always find a full table down the street. Why bother with tournaments and limit games when you have the best of both in one. Lol, I don't.

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