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"Our application for Binance is in progress and we are in active negotiations with them. It is our major marketing goal to get the application processed as soon as possible." - bytecoin Development Team

"Dynamic fees are a market driven fee so in the case that the market is overloaded, users will have to pay a bit larger fee than ordinarily to process their transactions. However in market situations where everything is stable, the fees will not be as large as the competitors will be, including other cryptonote coins. We are implementing dynamic fees on June 12th but the mining will not finish until at least early 2019. So the miners will be rewarded with dynamic fees and block rewards which would make the integration of dynamic fees run much more smoothly." - Bytecoin Development Team. 
Here is my opinion on Bytecoin. I believe that there is too much money to be made on this coin, and too much being put into this coin for it not to get past .01c. i believe it will be around this realistically if not higher, this is my prediction my April. 
If the hardfork AND Binance are are approved through the system around the same period, i would think bytecoin will set a new all time high of around .025c before the development team starts selling in droves. if the sell off starts before then, i expect it to be around .018c. by the end of this situation. 

Before buying into this coin you should definitely research it so you know your stuff, i currently have around $70 in it which isnt too much but by the end of the year i believe that it will be around $0.1 leaving me with $1250.


hope this inspires you into buying into bytecoin or at least researching it

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