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War is over

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seoul (summet event) A new history starts, when south and north korea leader (Kim Jong-un) and South Korean President (Moon Jae-in) made a symbolism and an extraordinary display of friendship after two leaders shared a warm embrace, the culmination of a summit filled with smiles and friendly gestures in front of the world’s media...both leaders agreed that they would this year seek a permanent end to the Korean War, 65 years in the making😀The dramatic meeting, aimed at ending their decades-long conflict,

i hope i'am wrong thinking that this is just a trap of North Korea leader (kim jong un)☺️

but still hoping that gesture showed by Kin Jong-un of North korea was really came from his heart and the war between this two country is end😀

how about you guys any thoughts about this? feel free to comments thanks☺️


source : http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/986015/a-new-history-starts-now

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That is very happy to hear that theres no war for the both country. They need to expand their army so they can prepare for future war VS other country. Thats very good decision between north and south

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1 minute ago, CaptainLorca said:

Yeah its cool that they're lookin for peace! No doubt. 

I hope it's forever not just propaganda. Love and peace is the greatest thing in the world. 

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