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Pot Odds - Pt. 2 of 3... 5 of 9

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For those of you that are new to poker, just in case you don't know what an out is, outs are cards left in the to make your hand or give you the winning hand. Knowing your outs and being able to and accurately calculate and properly apply pot odds is critical to your success in poker. Even better than that, pot odds, when used, are so mathematically right, if you allow it to dictate your play, you don't ever have to debate on what the other person has, play by feel, or make wrong moves. To more versed players, its an obvious mistake and an ugly tell on you that you might not know as much as you are trying to appear to know. There are so many little things you can pick up on when you know what to pay attention to at a table. Remember, a players ability to have a solid read on the new players at every table in a short amount of time is a huge part of the battle. And if you can know how much a person truly understands about the game simply by  seeing if they bother calculating the pot odds of any hand and then knowing if the player in the hand acted according to pot odds, that is a huge advantage. You will never see tells, only patterns, inconsistencies, and knowing who knows pot odds at your table, priceless...

Ok, you have Jack 10 of hearts. After the flop, you have a straight flush draw,  Queen c? 9 c? and the 3 <>. How many outs do you have if the other player has the 3 c? and 3 of clubs and you want to know how much of an underdog you are or what your odds of winning the hand really are? 

Ok, when calculating your outs, you assume all of your outs are still in the deck, unless you have seen otherwise. Here, you have the remaining hearts to make a flush, the ace, king, 8,7,6,5,4, and 2 of c?s. You also have the cards that make you your straight, the King of clubs and the King of spades, and the 8 of clubs and the 8 of spades. (Don't double count your cards. The King and 8 of hearts were already counted) Count these cards to find how many outs you have.... There are 12 cards in the deck that can give you the winning hand.

This is useful to know, especially if you can count your outs before you see what the other player has, or better, before you decide to push all in or call.

If you have Jack 10 of hearts against a set of 3s, and you have your 12 outs, to determine your chance (%) to win you do this

Before the turn - multiply your 12 outs by 4 

Before the river - multiply your outs by 2

With the hand above, before the turn, you have a 48% chance to win the hand. After the turn, you have a 24% chance to win. This is how they figure the % you see next top a players hand when you see poker on tv. 

Im going to write 3 now to pull it all together. Don't want to leave y'all hangin...


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