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Don't Value Bluff the Fish... Pt. 7 of 9

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If I haven't bored everyone to near death, and Dan doesn't tell me to stfu, here is one good thing to use pot odds for...

Again, this only works against people that know how to play, so don't think this will work every time. But, if you understand pot odds, and you are in a hand with someone that you either know knows pot odds, or you have deduced he has a good idea how to play, calculate the odds you want your opponent to be getting. If you want them to fold, make sure you make it like 5:1, if you want a call, make it 2:1 or 3:1. This is called value betting, if you want a call. But I am saying this for the other end, when you want them to go away. 

If you say to yourself, well duh Badger, I'd just push all in and hope he goes away, I would say, thats fine but why risk all your chips, when the only thing that will call is a hand that has you beat.  Maybe this tip is borderline not worth mentioning, but it falls under my damage control section, and damage control is most important. 

If you do get a call, and you aren't all in, its safe to assume you are beat, or they have a big draw with lots of outs...

Hehe, always good to throw in the "value bluff"

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