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Widow the Fish? Pt. 8 of 9

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Pay attention to this one, especially if you don't know this. I didn't think of it as a thing until I read in Super System how important it is. So thank you Doyle, this will save you money.

Doyle Brunson refers to it as the "Widow Maker". I have never heard this term at a table, but what do I know. 

Any time the board pairs, unless you are holding the nuts, you could be drawing dead. 

This little ^^^ factoid is somewhat overlooked, or simply not seen as the serious issue that it really is. Until it was pointed out to me, it never really really occurred to me that that was what had happened in the hands I could recall where I got blasted and didn't see it coming. 

This is great for you to know, and even better, most people don't see the board pairing as very dangerous. If you already know this, lucky you. If you didnt know this, don't tell anyone. Don't need to make bad players smarter. This will at least give you pause when you see it now, I hope anyway lol.

Before I knew this, I was in a hand with my friend Rich. I should have folded my draw, well, I should have folded the hand pre-flop, but at any point flop, turn, I should have mucked. But I caught runner runner to make a straight, I check, knowing Rich will bet and probably push all in. I let him do the work, whatever, I thought I had the best hand, lmao. The board had paired, but that meant not a whole lot to me. So he pushes, I say call, and then I say sorry Rich, I think sucked out on ya. He didn't move, he just said no, I don't think ya did, and flipped over pocket 10s, the nuts, as there were 2 10s on the flop...

For as well as I have played, and as much as I love the game, I have at least 10 stories to 1 for the wrong moves I've made. And I'm ok with that, lol, bad beat stories are always better than the big win stories ; ) wait... lol. 

Keep this in your front pocket, it belongs there.


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