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What you need to do before choosing a tipster

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Hey guy , I'm new to stake forums but I'm really active in bitcointalk and I'm mainly interested in poker and sportsbetting 
I made this topic in bitcointalk before , but thought it would be nice to post here in case that someone isn't that much active in bitcointalk gambling :

hello guys , so recently I got some questions about how to spot good tipsters and how to know if this service is good or not so decided to open a topic here with some headlines of the things that you should research a little before buying paid picks 

1- Check the tipster or the site's record
before even considering buying you need to see some stats and graphs for the tipster , we all saw how many calimed that they have 80% win rate with crazy ROI
well all of the above are just words without proof , so you need to research more about them and see people's experiences in the forums 
some sites offer full stats and records that are tracked by a 3rd party site , you need to stick with these cause with no proof that the tipster is actually had profitable run in the past then most likely you will be wasting your money and bankroll 

2- do some calculates to see if the price suits you 
this is a main concept too , cause let's face it we all don't have that much spare money or sometimes even if the tipster is profitable you may end up losing since maybe you are paying him more than what you are actually winning following his picks 
to do that try to not pay over 5 units of your betting bankroll to a monthly subscription

3- ask more about the betting volume 
the volume of the picks is so crucial , for example imagine paying 200$ a month for a tipster that has a proven 10% ROI , but then you found out that this tipster only gives one pick or two every week , you may end up spending more than what your bankroll afford 
so even if the tipster is profitable he may not suits you 
another example : a tipster with 3% ROI that averages 5 picks a day is way better than a tipster that has 10% ROI with 2-3 picks a week 

4- ask them for a proof of odds 
sportsbetting and gambling in general mainly depend on the odds , that will determine how the gamblers will do in the long run
we can all claim that we are profitable if we can fake the odds , imagine the tipster telling you to pick a team with X1.9 odds then you keep searching for that price and end up finding X1.8 top , well if the tipster pick was won then the pick will has 10% more profit 
so by faking the odds a losing tipster may be seen as a profitable tipster 

so always choose a site that post the source of the odds 

5- Be ready to create many sportsbetting accounts
if you are not shopping for the best odds then you are missing a huge value in the long run , each 1% and each 1 cent count in the long run 
so in case to profit the most you should have access to many sports providers and this can be a little easier when you have an account with a sports broker

I guess these are the main points to consider , if you have any question feel free to leave a comment here 

good luck all

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