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25 card streak :-) and huge payout

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9 minutes ago, Slipperyrick said:

After playing a while I got this beauty

pushed it a lil probs could of went on but thought I was gunna bust :-) 25card streak too 


Wow, that's great! 25 card streak is a lot, did you enter the card streak contest too?

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Im actually still a little bit in a shock that you managed out to click 25 times on hi-lo with such a small bet amount.

I never click next card so many times, instead of it I usually prefer to just go for the smaller chances within all 4-5 cards. Tooks me to 1k-2k payouts even sometimes, but that is just really rare to see 4 K's in a row: probably same like 25 cards :D

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23 hours ago, wilberthh said:

x429??!! Damn! That is indeed an awesome multiplier bro. Goodluck further and hit even higher than that!

Willy I hope that your remember some of my hi-lo big payouts hits, you should have i guess :D few times i even have beaten this almost 500x green haha :D

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