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Ive recently expierced a problem when withdrawing eth.

Ttansaction is canceled on block with the error message "out of gas"

 Has anyone else previously had the same issue or know about it atleast?

Ive did some research but as a noob its a language I dont understand.

Would like to know what causes it and how to prevent it from happening again


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They are busy looking into it at the moment to resolve it , but I dont expect them to give me a detailed explanation on what causes it etc,  thats why im turning ti the forum to hear about it from someone who had a similar promblem hopefully


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Heya, we just got the notification from the devs that the delayed ones are being pushed through, I presume yours among them, so it should be solved by the end of the night. ;)

"There was an error sending the ETH / ETH Token, because the specified receiving address or return address was an ETH contract address. The contract address provided requires more gas than we typically use to send ETH which is why this failed with an error of “out of gas”." (taken from article)

Please, try using normal address and not a contract one, when withdrawing funds in ETH from now on :) (use the exchange only to exchange the currencies, not to deposit/withdraw directly from it. For this, please, use the regular wallet.)

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