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Minerone any good ?

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So guys you all might have seen an ad about Minerone while watching YouTube. So today i go and checked them out. Their site doesn't look too bad. And they have achieved some good things like mining BTC from the sky , where they launched a Helium filled balloon and they mined btc. Not a lot of btc but some. 

Also they have mining rigs set up in Sweden i guess.  They are planning to make btc mining profitable and i don't know how. Their site doesn't have that much info on that. But they have partnered up with TOKIA.

Also wanted to say that they mined btc in 35000+ Feet. That's awesome. Also they made a video on it here it is : https://medium.com/@minerone.io/we-took-bitcoin-to-35-000-60341a855942

Anyway their Crowdsale sold 13 Million coin. So the big question is it Good enough to invest ?!!

Site : https://minerone.io/

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