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5 years of Bitcoin Vs Altcoins : the results

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People often compare BTC with where it was 5 years ago, or compare it against actual altcoin. But what about comparing them on a 5 years timeframe ?

First let's see the value of the coins. 


Back in 2013 Litecoin had a value in BTC 40% higher than today, Peercoin lost 80% of his value in comparison of Bitcoin. Meaning : if you invested in those coins back in the days to sell them later in BTC and make a profit ... you're screwed. And except those 2 altcoins, the other ones are almost totally forgotten today.

In short : on this long run you better have hold your BTC and not invest in alts.

BUT the second image tell us something else : altcoins are eating BTC's lion share on the market.


Now : it's important to know what you want with your coins. If (at any moment) you need to transfer your altcoin in btc before withdraw in real money ... you need to hope that your altcoin pump, but also that btc price don't drop at the same time.

What about the coming years ? Where things will be in 5 years from now ?

Personnaly I believe BTC will not even have 10% of the total market at that time because we will see at least a dozen project who will have a huge valuation.

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i read an article about 4 top alts who gains more or less 10,000% in just 3 years..comparing to main crypto btc.

BTC (2015=237$ to 8000$+ to date) gain only 3k+% while

XRP (from $0.006534 in 2015 to $0.6667  10,105% gain

LTC (from  $1.45 in 2015 to $132   9,000% gain

DASH & STELLAR (from  $3 to $380 with 12,000% gain, 

therefore long term investment with trusted alts and obcourse btc really effective to make profit am i right @Kargai😁

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Great info. Also came to know of a new coin called Namecoin WOW. Btw is that a new coin ? Also is this analysis done on the prices of the coins 5 years back or now ? 

Also that list is the top 10 coins list ? Or just a list you made and put all the coins that are good in value and are known to everyone ? 

Thanks for the info 

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