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📢 TitleBot launched on chat box

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This is a new feature added in chat box.

It is very useful for knowing in advance what it is behind a web link.

Every time somebody posts a web link in chat, the TitleBot looks in the web and answers in chat with the title of the webpage.

For example if it is a music vid link in YouTube, it says the title of the song and the artist...

TitleBot is completely automatic, you don´t have to do anything else than posting the link as usual.


Now TitleBot also shows a number between parenthesis, and its the number of times this same link has been posted in chat.







Thanx to Hui for this work, also to Dan, Milan and all the Support.

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On 6/18/2018 at 11:31 AM, Marlboro said:

Not bad but will be better to see some significant and more helpful updates than this

Not enough credit is given for updates like these which (when employed well) prevent referral spam, rehashes/unoriginal content and to a lesser extent, security issues as a result of clicking on malicious webpages behind unassuming link shorteners. 

In most cases that I've observed, "insignificant/unhelpful" updates serve as a good reminder of how well developers have integrated the feature... especially if there isn't a profit-making motive behind it.

Well, I guess you just can't satisfy everyone. 😉


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