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Puppy Economics -by Lori Brown Applying Puppy Reasoning To Business

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D6A0F1A3-BF68-41F3-8135-5705A9AB9B73.thumb.jpeg.255fa2ea8ddfc70af6620966302ce4cf.jpeg3 Powerful Business Skills Learned...From My Puppy (part 1 of 3)

Published on April 18, 2018

It is a vast and everchanging world, and the way humans survive is fairly simple, isn't it? As the world morphs from one temperature to the next, and as the seasons go from icy to sizzling, the planet takes a surface beating through the centuries. Wild creatures across the globe endure the evolutionary extremes with fishy gills and scales, thick furry coats and strange hooves and horns. All of these changing animal features are nature's response to extreme earth conditions. The wild critters and beasts of the world MUST grow long sharp claws and sharp, weaponry for teeth. They NEED these features to stay alive.

Humans have the ultimate evolutionary tool- an exquisite brain with marvelous code strings- DNA- that constantly fires off the perfect signals that make human life so convenient. Even more amazing, when our routines become less effective at sustaining our life, the human DNA code upgrades itself to adopt a new and better feature or defense- depending on what our surroundings call for. DNA changes as time progress to suit our survival needs. Side note for another topic- is human DNA the original "smart technology?"

This magnificent brain figures how to create better stuff out of the stuff that is already here. Ha! Leave a tree to a human and the tree will be sliced, trimmed, carved, polished and built into anything we want it to be. We are so blessed to have a semi-automatic engine that instinctively gets better with time. Humans are cool.

These wild thoughts and all this scientific chatter hasd me wondering... if humanity is SO smart, and if I have this miraculous DNA too, then why is it so hard sometimes to catch a big fish in the world of business? I was still selling homes at the time- and not enough of them. I could not gather the "special something" that it took to close a deal. Why was it so hard to get a signature from a person who wants the thing I was selling? I was baffled. I was also hungry. To my detriment, I was also too polite and shy to get the pen in the hand of the buyer. 

Striking out repeatedly became routine- and I had not dealt with rejection in my lifetime. Not until I got into sales. Nobody prepared me for so much of the word NO. It crushed me for a year before it dawned on me one day,iu the solution to my dry spell was in front of me the whole time.

I was sitting down to have a late night snack and I was tormenting myself by replaying the massive fails of the week. I just could not pinpoint where I was going wrong with my sales strategy.

I was enjoying a bowl of chips and salsa, and deeply in thought replaying my possible errors when my puppy began to get feisty with me. He totally broke my negative focus and I looked into his round dark eyes and he couldn't hide his joy at my gaze. His tail wagged so wildly when I looked at him that it made a rhythmic beat on the coffee table he was next to. Something so endearing about the unconcealable wants that a dog experiences. At that moment, the dog was attempting to communicate that he would like a sample of my tortilla chip.

I laughed at the way my dog gazed at the snacks and sat attentively awaiting whatever command I would give, in order to earn a bite, it was truly darling. He deserved a tortilla chip. So I commanded him to do an easy trick, then I gave in to him and rewarded him with the snack he so badly wanted.

AHA! That's a smart little guy, indeed. The dog simply gave me the message in his doggy-way that he would not settle until he earned a treat. Then he observed me, and followed my instructions exactly, and got what he wanted. Thus I give you the first powerful, highly effective strategy my dog taught me. 

851564CC-A901-45A6-ACB7-2377AFC0598F.thumb.jpeg.b170d77af1144b2750267d9d1c949e56.jpegD6A0F1A3-BF68-41F3-8135-5705A9AB9B73.thumb.jpeg.255fa2ea8ddfc70af6620966302ce4cf.jpegPuppy Economics Strategy 1:

Let your intention be known, that your intention is to sell the buyer a home, or a press release package or a pair of shoes- whatever you are trying to accomplish you must plainly and shamelessly state this goal as often as you can. I don't care if you are negotiating a billion dollar merger, this tactic works beautifully because it is genuine. It is honest, and it weeds out the clients from the looky-loo types fairly quickly. There is a second part though - think back to the dog's magic talent and how he won me over and got the chip of his dreams. When he wanted to eat and he was not at first successful what did the pup do?

E6B02EC2-55B7-48DE-90E0-2E793DE85F8C.thumb.jpeg.8e31b051ef9dd92216b3e8f86c7bed68.jpegMy little pal gazed up intently at me and he became visibly overwhelmed with happiness when he knew he was going to be eating treats any moment and overjoyed with victory, The puppy let it be known that he would not settle for anything less than a bite, and he was willing to earn it, and eagerly awaited the command.

So if you want to increase your sales TODAY, RIGHT NOW then do what my dog did.

Let it be known that not only are you planning to sell the client a great marketing package,

Also, let them know that you will gladly wait. and observe and this is when you will need to pay attention. Really tune in to the client's desires and needs until you are able to provide the very thing that will bring you and your client into a fair arrangement.

Put the power in the buyer's hands.this way----> "You know I am here to find you the best press and media package for YOUR benefit. I will wait and you can let me know when you have thought of exactly what you want, please tell me what it will take for you to be a sure thing, today. What would turn your "maybe into a yes?" I will do my best to accommodate you." 

Then let your client breathe, let them think. Don't start doing tasks or daydreaming. Stay tuned in. Wait, as eagerly as a puppy who anticipates a command and ultimately a snack. Everyone I have ever done this with enjoyed the chance to control the sales pitch themselves by getting their must-haves on the table in plain sight. At least two things are accomplished in this exercise.

First- your client has just decided that they will be loyal to you because it is clear that you are committed to the goal. They instinctively want to return the favor of loyalty and dedication. Most of the time. 

Second- the client will have a difficult-to-explain, very real bond with you because now you know what your client REALLY wants, which puts you both in a much better position to operate from. You made yourself a friend! 

Try this in your business communications for a full week, and see the results- it changed my life.

Part 2 will be coming up in a couple days. 

Remember rule 1: Let your intention be known, and let the client see that you are intent on finding out what would be the perfect "yes" then - shut your mouth and listen and watch.E001DF12-E168-404C-9042-FF14CBF58489.thumb.jpeg.bbef797661497f31e7063da82c0ddbb7.jpeg




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I wasn't that active in here that's why didnt get to read this awesome Topic of yours! Thank god i have been practicing those mentioned communication skills all these while and i guessed that's why my shop is still running smoothly thruout these decade of years. 😁 Phew! Lol

Thank you for sharing, Lorilicious!

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Thanks for reading it, I am a fan of these strategies.  xoxo 

I have always enjoyed watching how dogs get away with the craziest behaviors based solely on their lack of care- they dont care if  they are judged or criticized, they simply want what they want and they figure out how to get it, lol. 



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