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[ANN] INFINIVI [IVI] - Worldwide Football Sports Stars Based - Unique

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200 Millions of Tokens have been placed with CORINTHIANS

Check Status on https://infinivi.io

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INFINIVI.IO is the first Blockchain solution created for a World of Sports Tokens

INFINIVI.IO is launching a worldwide solution to help the whole world to use Tokens all over the planet, though International Sports. Allowing new sports clubs management ways. Unique and Modern.


Launched early November 2017 on our own main Portal INOOVI.WORLD, we are helping the world to use a world of tokens. We have been developing a large Token Managing Solutions for Football Clubs all around the World.

After a Pre-Ico, we are now starting our main ICO for a 90 Days period...
Large range of Bonus available on our website - https://infinivi.io

Starting with 6 languages, we are looking for new languages and supports everyday, all around the world.

This one-of-a-kind business model starts to use the World of Sports to be known and to penetrate everyone's house : https://infinivi.io

The LARGE mission of INFINIVI.IO is to improve the world worth of tokens offering an easy way to invest for everyone worldwide with very easy websites access like inoovi.io

"The simplest way to be is the simplest way we will make it"

Brand new ICO, international All Stars Football Players Transfers, Wages and Bonus. Meet the players on private work-out also.

Business name is called INOOVI.

INOOVI (IVI) is a Hong Kong based platform powered by the famous Blockchain that prides itself as a way to support all next Football Players Champions transfers.

2017 Transfers amount have been over Billions. Some players have been over 250 Millions USD transferred. Unbelievable, but it is Football Huge figures amounts.

INOOVI Main operating market is Europe with great Football Championship such as France, England, Deutschland, Spain or Italia.

And 2018 is the new Football World CUP year. Transfers will be unbelievable after this competition...

And INOOVI is here now...

Many International Champions are playing there : RONALDO, MESSI, NEYMAR, CAVANI, and so on.....

INOOVI is in contact with more than 120 Football Clubs owner : INOOVI is inviting  them to include IVI Tokens in all futures Football Players Transfers.

Pre-ICO and ICO :

INOOVI pre-ICO is already done.

ICO will start on 21st of June 2018, allowing a bonus of 10 to 50% of tokens depending on amount purchased.

The IVI is priced 1,2Usd a token for a 90 days period. Its price will increase after this date. Slowly, days after days.

IVI is already launched on 1 DEX Exchanges : 


Launching on Binance is in progress...

Bonus :

Check https://infinivi.io for more information : 

Bonus for IVI Purchase
1. For each 100 Millions IVI sales
1.1. For first 500 Millions IVI sales :

Over 1 Million IVI purchase, a Bonus of 20 % of IVI is offered
Between 100 000 AWS and 999 999 IVI purchased, a bonus of 10 % of IVI is offered
Between 10 000 AWS and 99 999 AWS purchased, a bonus of 5 % of IVI is offered
2.2. For second range of 500 Millions IVI sales :

Over 1 Million IVI purchase, a Bonus of 18 % of IVI is offered
Between 100 000 IVI and 999 999 IVI purchased, a bonus of 8 % of IVI is offered
Between 10 000 IVI and 99 999 IVI purchased, a bonus of 4 % of IVI is offered
2.3. Over 1 Billion of IVI sales :

Over 1 Million IVI purchase, a Bonus of 15 % of IVI is offered
Between 100 000 IVI and 999 999 IVI purchased, a bonus of 6 % of IVI is offered
Between 10 000 IVI and 99 999 IVI purchased, a bonus of 3 % of IVI is offered


IVI Tokens and Bonus will be delivered at the end of ICO, in your own IVI Wallet

INOOVI will develop a large number of blockchain-based business using his own global Token called IVI.

INOOVI is investing in many different websites allowing people all over the world to penetrate easily this incredible world of coins.

INOOVI started online simple sales on the 28th of November 2017 :
- The goal is to issue 10 Billions of tokens
- From the 22nd of march 2018, we will lead our Pre-ICO.
- From the 21st of June 2018, we are leading our ICO.
- In the same time we will keep selling our tokens online, with a an actual rate of 0.5 to 1 Euro / 0.6 to 1.2 USD, knowing real ETH block-chained first day listing one token price will be minimum 1 Euro / 1.2 USD.
- This means we will repurchase days after days our own tokens at a very high rate, allowing the market to increase days after days.
- A huge leverage rate, representing a high leverage profit per tokens. It has never seen before. It will be the only way for whole public to access our worldwide business. UNIQUE.
- Our "Image" will be clean and will keep being clean : we are supported by World Sports Stars from all over the world, from all over the sports... A lot of these Sports Stars are joining us everyday.
- Easy to understand, easy to buy, easy to be released, easy to be adopted by the whole people on the planet.

Official website for ICO : https://infinivi.io

Twitter : twitter.com/inooviWorld

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/inoovi.world

You Tube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-2B_ef1TsE

Telegram : https://t.me/inooviworld

Instagram : inoovi_ivi_bitcoin_ivi

Listed ICO on Worldcoinindex.com since 28th of November 2017 : https://www.worldcoinindex.com/ico/calendar/inoovi

INOOVI is a Commercial blockchain concept invented by INOOVI LTD, Sey. The INOOVI / IVI ERC20 token will be configured to be used globally by all individuals.

Team: A large Team of Business Men, Investors, Developers and Sports Players from all over are already a part of this large ICO.
and so many more...

Our Bitcointalk.org « Ann » English Page for reference and translation :


Our Unique BOUNTY CAMPAIGN ever :



Thank you

Inoovi World
Wechat or Telegram Phone Number : +852 6804 9937


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