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Platonius ICO - $1/PLAT - Starts on 1st of July (New concept of Lending Platform)

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Platonius - https://dashboard.platonius.io/referred?ref=b4e423b80a7de4127856 states that they hope to be a sustainable program. They have looked at what other programs in the past have done and hope to learn from their mistakes. They will not offer interest in USD, rather in Stellar coin.


Lending Program:

There are three tiers to the lending program. Depending on the amount the investor loan, members may potentially earn up to .25% interest per day. There are additional benefits to those who invest more. Details are as follows:



The following is Platonius’s roadmap for the remainder of this year:



The company’s ICO began 1 July 2018 and will run through 31 July 2018. Up to 325 thousand coins will be purchased during the offering. They are not having rounds. Coins may be purchased for 1 USD each through the duration of the crowdsale.

Total Coin Supply: 5,000,000(PLAT)



Driven By Stellar

Low Transaction Fees

Driven By The Ethereum Blockchain

Fixed Interest

No Manipulation

Buy-Back Program

External Exchange Only

"We will giveaway 10.000 Stellar to 5 lucky people who sign up before the ICO starts!"


Go To The Website. https://dashboard.platonius.io/referred?ref=b4e423b80a7de4127856 Ref Link 

No Ref Link - platonius.io


Never invest money you are not willing to lose! Platonius can’t guarantee profits in return and will never do so!

We can however guarantee to run the platform as smoothly as possible and follow the roadmap as we wrote it.

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