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Is it true that plinko has emotions...?!

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So I spent the past 5 hrs trying my very best to hit 83x and my result was about 8k rolls and the highest multiplier was 27x. I came to the conclusion that plinko builds up a positive emotion to hit a high multiplier and when it hits it drops down and a big low follows the hit. I'm not sure if it was my seed or just a bad time to play plinko but did you guys/girls witness something like that? 

Let me know if you saw something similar to this. 

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26 minutes ago, Irena said:


I won 2 times 1000x in plinko in a couple of hours only. Sorry, Snike, you must show how much you love plinko, to take care of it (?), and wait for the right moment. If possible, don't use the right moment with 1 satoshi, or you will be even more miserable. :P 

I took care of plinko for 5 hrs and this b with an itch(sorry for my bad words) bitch only gave me 27x multiplier... :(  She broke my heart 💔

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