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LInked bet profit reveal if it’s in btc or eth

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I was wondering if there is a plan of making the bets visible as the profit can be shown if it’s btc or eth. 

I saw some great bets but I was wondering if they hit it btc or eth. It doesn’t seem to show here on forum and I’ve noticed that if you ever copy and paste it and check it on chat, it responds as error. 

Hope this feature will be added too. 


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2 hours ago, Snike said:

I'm sure you mean the betIDs in the forum bet display plugin. I would love that too! At least a small BTC or ETH at the bottom or something! 


Yeah bet IDs in forum. I don’t know if they actually won that in btc or eth since its hassle to actually copy paste the bet and check it on chat. :D 

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