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Israeli company pursues to pay salary in bitcoin

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The Israeli high-tech sector is currently undergoing a severe talent squeeze, with companies having to compete over employees with higher salaries, stock options and better perks. So a company An internet organization called Tel Aviv,  Spot.IM, is in negotiations with the Israel Securities Authority (ISA).

The company has brought the issue within the eyes of the labour ministry to pursue the company to try to pay the employees salaries in Bitcoin.

The plan is that any employee can ask the company to pay his/her salary in form of bitcoin fully or partly in bitcoin. 

Personally , this will be bad thing for the company since the company has to handle the conversion fees , even if the convert in bulk an employee may say he wants it in cash and then quickly change his mind that he wants his salary to be paid in bitcoin. Good thing is that the crypto world can grow through this and hopefully we can pay to buy things with crypto which would be great !! 

Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/internet-company-asks-israeli-authorities-permission-to-pay-salaries-in-bitcoin/

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