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Hacker hacks and get 20 Million USD dollars

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On On March 15, Qihoo 360 Netlab tweeted out saying this "Remember this old twitter we posted? Guess how much these guys have in their wallets? Check out this wallet address https://www.etherchain.org/account/0x957cd4ff9b3894fc78b5134a8dc72b032ffbc464#transactions … $20,526,348.76, yes, you read it right, more then 20 Million US dollars" 

It seems that a hacker has been hacking the Ethereum off people's wallets that are poorly secured and easy to access wallets. 

The give above link is the suspected victim since the victims have told that their funds were transferred to this address when it got hacked.

Just check this out guys seriously : https://www.etherchain.org/account/0x957cd4ff9b3894fc78b5134a8dc72b032ffbc464#transactions. Now its 18Mil USD and worth 2000+ Bitcoin's are there in that wallet like what ? LOL just thinking what if he deposits it into stake or PrimeDice and bets 500 BTC and wins 10x ? LOL that would be cool af.

Anyway the hacker has stolen 38,642 ETH worth about $20 million.

So guys put all the authentication and safety measure you can in all your accounts and wallets since the internet is a scary world now  

Source : http://bitcoinist.com/hacked-cybercriminals-steal-20-million-in-ether-from-poorly-configured-app-clients/

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