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I will bet you 1500 forum Satoshis

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I will bet you 1500 forum Satoshis that I can tell you

•the state you were born in 

•where you got your shoes


• the day you were born on within 3 days. 


If I am right, you should do the proper thing, send those Satoshis on over.   Scroll down for the answers. 




3 things about you. 


1.  the state you were born in:  the state of infancy 

2. where you got your shoes: you got your shoes on your feet, most likely. 

3. Tbe day you were born on within 3 days:



What a hustle! 

Pay up.  🤓🦋




*in some cases you got your shoes by the door or in a pile or neatly arranged (what’s wrong with you ?)

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