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Forum Rules

Disclaimer: Rules can be supplemented and changed at any time.

  1. Racism and hate speech is prohibited. Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban.
  2. Spam will not be tolerated - meaningless posts that do not carry semantic value and are not related to the meaning of the topic in which they are posted, will be deleted, and the user will receive a warning.
  3. It is forbidden to spread/leak others' personal information.
  4. The publication of links to fraudulent and hacker sites and resources that distribute viruses and other malicious programs is prohibited.
  5. It is forbidden to register more than one account per user, if we find out you're using multi-accounts, all accounts will be banned.
  6. Mere copy-pasting from articles/magazines/other sources/etc. is not allowed. This is plagiarism and has serious consequences.
  7. HYIP and PONZI Schemes are not welcome here, anyone advertising any will have their topic removed and receive a warning.
  8. Posting referral links for legitimate sites is allowed but only if it is made aware to the reader, if a clean non ref-link is provided as well and posted in the appropriate sections of the forum ("Other websites", "Airdrops", ...).
  9. Advertising other sites/exchange offices/platforms/referral links in your signatures, forum avatars or cover photos is not allowed. Those are also restricted to Other Website section of the Forum. 

Forum Guidelines

  • Before you create a topic, scroll through the sections and see if such a topic has already been created. If you have something to add, then write in it, duplicate topics will be deleted, as they make the forum unorganised and cluttered. 
  • The title of the topic should reflect the discussion as clearly as possible and shouldn't be written in all caps.
  • If you ask a question in the topic, make sure that you discuss the question, and provide your insight first.
  • Topics that do not make sense or are just stupid will be deleted.
  • If you receive a warning from a staff member, then you need to take it into account what happened and ensure you don't do it again.
  • Do not beg or ask for positions. The leadership team is determined by active contributors and those who report inappropriate content, using the report post feature.

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