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Hello, Stake dicers!  B|

As you already know, Stake has some new mods and we need to make their life a bit easier by implementing some basic Rules for you to follow and for them to be guided by. Each chat should have these and they should be followed if you want to be a valuable/respected member of the community. You can find them by typing the chat command !rules directly on the chat.

  1. Don't spam, harass or be offensive and no CAPS. - Spam is every irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients. Harassing/bullying (in this case, cyber-bullying) sends inappropriate message about you - whether of being racist, chauvinist, sexist or just plainly uneducated individual. Reduce using the profanities to a minimum. Be friendly and jolly person that everyone looks forward to seeing on chat. Make friends, not enemies. Additional note: Girls also like to play here, let's make them feel like queens, not objects. CAPS MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE YELLING! Makes chat look cluttered, and can get you automuted. Moderators do not have to explain their actions every time. Also, harassment* of the bot, i.e. repeating it multiple commands over a short period of time, will be considered spamming and result in a mute.
  2. Don't beg or ask for loans, tips or doubling coins. - One of the most common reasons to get people muted is asking for funds. Make a deposit, claim a faucet of get a random tip from our friendly administrators or moderators. If you repetitively perform this offence, you are making a combination of spamming and begging which can get you a perm mute. Begging in private messages is also not allowed. Doubling coins would mean investing in someone to play for you, and return you the funds afterwards. If us from support or moderators notice this happening, you could end up muted as well. If you are on chat from multiple accounts during a mod/support member/admin/user raining, we keep the right to mute one of your accounts.  
  3. Don't engage in any forms of advertising/trading/selling/buying or offering services. (Traded accounts are permanently muted). - Stake site is for betting only. Do not post links advertising products of any kind, because our site does not support this type of activity. Trading/selling/buying/offering services is saved for Forum exclusively and you need to find appropriate board for that as well. If we find you playing from a bought account, the account will receive a ban, not only a mute. 
  4. Don't use URL shortening services. Always submit the real link. - If you are sharing a link with your chat friends, post the full link, not the shortened version of it. Please, do not post referral links on chat, this is limited to Forum only.
  5. Use the designated language channels accordingly. - Last but not the least; one rule which also gets many users muted is this one. Stake welcomes diversities. But it is important to write English, whether broken or fluent English, on an English chat, to use Russian on the Russian chat, Chinese on Chinese chat and Indonesian on Indonesian chat. An occasional slip can happen from time to time, but do not make a practice out of this. Do not get yourself muted for such a trivial reason. Language is important on Forum as well, there are many subsections for variety of languages, and if you are applying for the giveaway, it usually just includes your username in English posted on the thread. 


I hope that this post helped if you have any doubts concerning the rule implementation and that it will spare many of users from an unnecessary restrictions from our site.


Thank you for choosing Stake and welcome! Best of luck betting! ;)


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2 hours ago, Carollzinha said:

Maybe we can have those added to Stake forum itself @Bojana? :x 

We don't currently believe ref links as long as they are clearly visible are an issue on the forum. We rely heavily on other websites permitting users to refer players to stake, so it would be counter intuitive to do the opposite in return.

As for the forum rules, they are fairly similar and found on the breadcrumb element, at top and bottom of forum. (on the right)

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